Certificate notarized and issued from USA

The notarized TESOL certificate issued by the US government has earned American TESOL institute the reputation of being a reliable and authentic TESOL institution. This legally acknowledged TEFL certificate holds great value while applying for English teaching jobs world-wide. The employers always give preference to a notarized certificate and today notarization of a certificate is extremely essential to prove the credential and substantiate the validity of the TESOL institute and of the TEFL course.

Notarization of any certificate by the Government, be it TEFL or TESOL certificate to facilitate teaching English as second or foreign language across the world is very important to identify the authenticity of the institute issuing it. You should keep in mind before applying for teaching jobs or before enrolling for a TESOL Course that a notarized TEFL certificate is a pre-requisite in most schools and colleges. One of the chief reasons for notarization is that a notarized document is deterrent to fraud. So it is a crucial factor for choosing to do a TESOL Course. It denotes that the institute and the certificate is legally recognized by the government and is fit enough to serve the academic needs of the people. Today notarization is required in teaching in schools and colleges for maintaining a basic standard of education there. So it is important for a teacher to bear an English teaching certificate that is legally acknowledged by the Government. A notarized certificate adds to an institute’s credentials and recognition substantiating its validity and authenticity.

American TESOL Institute globally acknowledged and accredited and one notable factor why you should come to this institute for getting certified is that the TESOL certificate that it offers is notarized by the USA Government. This makes the certificate recognized and revered all around the world. It also proves the significance of the course provider; its authenticity and validates the course curriculum. Only when a certificate is notarized, can you completely rely on the institute as you must be aware of the fact that notarization deters and detects fraud and identity theft. American TESOL institute thus protects and validates its rights to its courses by means of its notarized certificate. The TESOL certificate issued by American TESOL Institute comes with a notary stamp or seal given by the US Government. This seal increases the value of the TESOL certificate. American TESOL Institute is very much a known name in the world of TESOL all around the world for the acknowledgement and affiliations it has received from Government and reputed educational bodies. All these have added to the value of the certificate which is preferred by employers in offering teaching positions to potential candidates.