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TEFL Certificate - Teach English in South Africa

TEFL South Africa, TESOL South Africa, Teach English South AfricaTEFL South Africa course is a four weeks venture of American TESOL Institute, which will give the English teachers a certificate to teach English South Africa and worldwide. South Africa is considered to be native English speaking country, however the prospects of ESL Jobs South Africa is quite high. Volunteer teachers who want to teach English South Africa. ESL in South Africa is quite diverse and is not just limited to schools. The tourism industry is quite big here thus ESL jobs South Africa is also available in this sector.

TESOL South Africa Course- ESL South Africa

TESOL South Africa course is organized by American TESOL Institute in two locations. It is perfect place to merge an adventurous vacation and acquire an International TESOL certificate. TEFL South Africa course of four weeks not just gives the teachers a chance to travel this magnificent country but it gives a chance to look for a suitable ESL Job South Africa. While teaching English South Africa, the teachers can embark on wild life adventures during their free time. For an ESL job in South Africa, the teachers are paid quite a good salary, which is enough to sponsor your travel. There are also plenty volunteering opportunities for teachers who wants to teach English South Africa after the TEFL South African course.

TESOL South African course- Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most stunning locations in the world, with extremely rich history and stunning views. Thus, American TESOL Institute chose Cape Town as their location for the TEFL South Africa Course. As it is one of biggest metropolis, ESL job South Africa opportunities for our teachers will be considerably high. While staying in of the best cities in the world, the candidates of the TESOL South African course can imbibe cheerful traits of African life. Read more...

TESOL South Africa Course – Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth in close proximity to the beach is an ideal destination for candidates of TEFL South Africa course. This rainbow city with people from various ethnicities makes it an ideal spot for foreigners to join the international TESOL course. The well equipped classroom and amiable trainers makes the TESOL South African course at Port Elizabeth memorable. Read more...