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Teaching English Abroad: The Best Time Of The Year Revealed

Posted on 6th December 2022

You have just completed your live online TEFL/TESOL program and are ready to take on the world by storm. It all starts with one application! However, it has been days and months since you submitted your CV but have not heard back from them. This can probably be because the schools have not opened their hiring and are not looking for new staff, not just yet.

To be honest, for most positions, applications can be sent throughout the year. But that in no way means that there isn't any peak hiring season. It is during these hiring seasons that bulk hiring is done. Most schools are meant to hire staff at the end or beginning of the new semester. This is because the schools also need to know how many teachers have renewed their contracts and how many vacancies are to be filled.

Here is a handy guide that will help you navigate the best times to land a job abroad.

1. Europe

Peak hiring seasons: September-October and January

In Europe, an academic year typically lasts from September to June. Thus, the most prestigious schools and language organizations will recruit during this period. Most of the schools also resume from their summer break, and hence keeping your eyes peeled during these months will increase your possibilities of getting hired. Moreover, they won't know how many teachers they would require until September, and hence, a lot of available positions will be displayed.

Another time of the year is January as most language institutions continue their recruitment drive until all the positions are filled. This time of the year is also comparatively busier as schools would have come back from their holidays. There will be a lot of jobs advertised during this time and if you have your qualification ready then dropping your CV at the organizations will give you an edge.

Major cities in Europe like Paris, Prague, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, etc are the places that are always in high demand for English teaching jobs. Countries like Germany, Spain, Turkey, and Italy have varied seasons generally from April-October. 

2. Asia

Peak hiring seasons: Year-round

When it comes to looking for English teaching jobs Asia is the one continent that's always in demand. The Asian countries are open to hiring all year round owing to the massive population and also due to the exponential increase in English as a language of business communication. You can land most of the jobs while sitting back in your home country.

Even though getting in hired in Asia is not subjected to seasonal limitations, there are certain exceptions. For example, public schools in Japan and Korea are very strict about their hiring periods. Japan’s The Jet Program opens its hiring window between April and June and again from October to January. Similarly, the EPIK program in Korea hires for spring intake in March and for fall intake in August.

Countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam have the highest demand for English teachers.

3. Middle East

Peak hiring season: Year-round

Just like Asian countries the Middle East also hires English teachers all year round. However, it is worth noting that the maximum open positions are available during the summer and spring months. Teaching positions are open in both private and public schools and there are several work opportunities in vocation-specific establishments as well.

Since these institutions offer lucrative perks and benefits, the job market is also very competitive. Hence, the potential teachers will have to research their opportunities and will also need to consider a minimum of 120hrs TEFL certification courses for additional qualification. Since the hiring takes place throughout the year, the number of teachers hired is also slightly increased.

Places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia are mostly targeted by job seekers for their attractive offers.

4. Central And South America

Peak hiring season: In South America February-April and July and August. In Central America- January, June, and December

This might not be one of the most preferred TEFL destinations however; South America is becoming a hotspot for English teachers. This is one of those few places where you can teach English without a degree. So, if you have a 120-hour TEFL certification, you are eligible to teach.

Moreover, the best way to find a job here is by traveling to the location first and then searching for a job. This is because only a small number of employers advertise positions through online job boards or recruiters.

Countries such as Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica are some of the most preferred destinations due to the quality standard of living and low living expenses.

The Bottom Line

There are always schools, organizations, and institutions that require English teachers. Thus, if you have the required qualification then finding a job will not be impossible. Additionally, a minimum of 120 hours of live online TEFL/TESOL program will open the realms of teaching abroad. Thus, complete your TEFL course and land your dream job in your dream country.

Written By : Sanjana

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