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TEFL Hiring Seasons: What Are They And How To Prepare To Secure A Job?

Posted on 31st January 2024

When it comes to looking for TEFL jobs, not every season is the same. It's crucial to be aware of this if you're looking for work, regardless of where you are trying to secure your dream job. In general, different locations will have more open positions during different months, so applying early can significantly increase your chances of being hired. This guide offers advice on how to get ready for the hiring season. Read on for more valuable insights.

What Are The Different Hiring Seasons In Different Regions?

If you are trying to secure your dream job, knowing about the hiring seasons will be of huge help. Here are some of the peak seasons of some of the most coveted TEFL destinations:

  • Europe

The hiring season mostly starts from late August to September for a September or October start. There is also another season in January, right after the Christmas holidays.

  • Thailand

The peak seasons for Thailand start in April and then again in October for either a May or November start.

  • Taiwan, China, Hong Kong

The hiring season normally comprises July and August for start dates in September. You can also drop your applications after the Chinese New Year as there is a short hiring season around that time.

  • Middle East

This is the only nation on the list that hires all year round. So, if you sought the Middle East as your TEFL destination, start dropping your applications now!

  • Japan

Since Japan hires through recruitment programs, applications usually start in December and the start of the session is in September.

  • Central America

Hiring usually starts during June and July for September starts. The next peak season is again in January.

  • South America

The hiring generally takes place in February and March the starts in May. Teachers might remain in high demand until August, so drop your applications accordingly.

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How To Prepare For TEFL Hiring Seasons?

Take a look at these ways to make the most of the hiring seasons and secure a job in the and of your dreams:

1. Be Ready Before The Hiring Season

Knowing when the hiring season for the area of the world you wish to work in begins is all very well. But it doesn't make sense to start applying prep after it's already started. To be ready for action when the proverbial whistle blows and to handle any additional administrative work that may arise (visas, official documents, etc.), you should begin preparing your application drive at least three months ahead of the busiest time.

2. There Is A Hiring Season Within A Season

Since teachers typically leave at the beginning of the holiday season rather than the end, most schools will have an idea of how many positions they need to fill. Because there are the most jobs available overall, the first few weeks are therefore very important. The number of openings you can apply for decreases as positions are filled, and they can fill quickly in high-demand locations like Thailand, Korea, and Taiwan.

3. Get Your Documents In Order

Ensure that you have mentioned EVERY relevant teaching experience you have had, information about the TEFL course you have taken, and any additional abilities that make you stand out. The cover letter comes next. This is the more customized section of your application where you can fully explain why you are a good fit for a given position. A copy of your TEFL certificate, which you can obtain from your course provider, may also be necessary.

4. Do Your Homework

We also believe it's a good idea to set aside some prep time to complete your research on the specific universities you want to apply to. Does a school employ a specific style of instruction? What kind of internal technology is available? Do they instruct adult learners or children? What are the required hours per week? In addition to making sure the company is the kind you want to work for, you should prepare yourself for potential interview questions by answering these.

Be TEFL Ready For Your Next Job

Finding a TEFL job can get much easier if you are aware of the peak hiring seasons. So, instead of bombarding the schools, colleges, and universities with your applications, have a fair idea about when they need teachers. However, equip yourself with in-class, online, or live online TEFL/TESOL programs if you have not done it already. This will allow you to have a better chance of getting hired.

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Written By : Sanjana

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