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What Are The Skills You Need As A Freelance Trainer?

Posted on 1st March 2024

You have total flexibility as an independent, freelance TEFL instructor. You may create your classes and curriculum, set your schedule, hire your students, and do a lot more. You will effectively be in charge of your destiny as a freelance TEFL instructor. Being an independent or freelance TEFL instructor does present certain obstacles, though. You must understand how to promote your services, ease language acquisition, and make the most money possible for all of your laborious efforts. Here are a few skills that you will need to thrive in your business.

What Are The Skills Required?

To succeed and strive in the freelance online business, you as freelance teachers need to master these skills:

  • Teaching Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Sales Skills

Why Freelance TEFL Teachers Need These Three Skills?

To optimize your income and experience as a freelance TEFL instructor, being a skilled teacher is not enough. You will need to use all of your might to organize and execute classes, as well as to attract and retain pupils, with your newfound freedom and independence. It's not simple to work as an independent or freelance TEFL instructor.

While the majority of remote English instructors just focus on their online courses, you will also need to manage your business like a, well, business. This entails offering a curriculum, finding your students via advertising, assessing their assignments and monitoring their development, handling finances and bookkeeping, and a lot more.

How To Develop These Skills As A TEFL Teacher?

First and foremost, you must possess the ability to teach English well to succeed as a freelance TEFL instructor. That much is clear. You won't succeed if you have the sales and marketing chops to promote your goods but cannot deliver your service well.

Here are some other ways to develop these skills:

  • Follow A Structure

Whether it's your curriculum or one from another organization, you should adhere to a disciplined approach to become a successful freelance TEFL instructor. This will enable you to successfully mentor your pupils and monitor their development. To help your pupils improve their language abilities, you must have a well-thought-out strategy in place that will assist them in achieving specific goals, rather than just teaching them random classes.

Additionally, there will be less to plan for your session when you are teaching pupils who are using the same curriculum or lesson plans. This translates to less preparation required outside of class and greater compensation for the time invested in working as a freelance TEFL instructor.

  • Become TEFL Certified

But if you want to teach English online as a fulfilling job, you need to acquire a TEFL degree before you create a curriculum to organize your classes. Easily accessible online at Premier TEFL, government-regulated TEFL credentials are available. Obtaining a TEFL qualification will improve your reputation by enabling you to show prospective clients your certification and hone your TEFL teaching abilities.

You can participate in professional tutor-led workshops and teaching practice if you want to go one step further in improving your teaching skills. This can be completed as a stand-alone course or as part of a hybrid course that combines study and practice.

Marketing Skills As A Freelance TEFL Teacher

Here are some marketing skills you need to have to boost your teaching ability:

  • Establish How You Can Help Your Students

To have students in your classroom, you must be able to enhance your marketing abilities. Instructors can develop material, market their services on social media, establish multi-regional websites, or wave reviews in the faces of prospective students, but what counts is what the instructor promises to provide for their pupils.

You might enumerate all the ways that having fluency in English, which is what your service provides, may enhance prospects going forward. This may be used in conjunction with call-to-action strategies to optimize student enrollment.

  • Define Your Niche

ESP (English for Specific Purposes) instruction is another great teaching technique that you may use to support your marketing plans. Most TEFL instructors just provide instruction in general English. Make sure to deliver English language instruction in a specific context by drawing on your professional expertise or subject-specific knowledge.

You're giving your student the advantage and assisting with the development of their English in specific contexts by providing more than just broad English abilities. Your services can assist students realize their goals, whether they want to work or study abroad, or just to become more fluent in English and make friends from across the world.

Teach Online As A Freelance Teacher

You can no longer just be an expert in one field and expect to succeed in the freelance TEFL market. To increase your student acquisition and earning potential, you must complete Online TEFL Courses and develop in areas other than teaching. To make sure that your teaching abilities are completely exploited, you must acquire marketing and sales skills. You may be the world's greatest TEFL instructor. However, nobody might find out since your inability to sell or promote your skill could be harming it.

Written By : Sanjana

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