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Want To Invest Your TEFL Skills Into Coursebook Writing? Here's How!

Posted on 26th March 2024

Do you have a knack for creating interesting content? Have you accumulated a library of concepts and resources that you believe you could use to create a coursebook?

If you answered these questions as yes, then you have landed at the right place. Individuals who have pursued an in-person or live online TEFL/TESOL program, generally have the talent for writing and producing engaging materials. This is because their course and hands-on experience equip them with the nitty-gritty of the TEFL curriculum that makes them adept at writing coursebooks. If you are someone who is deciding this career path for yourself after completing a TEFL course, here are some valuable insights.

How To Become A Coursework Writer?

If you are someone who is always inclined to write, coursebook writing can be a fitting career for you. Moreover, as educators, you need to organize activities and prepare lesson plans that will cater to the needs of every student. Writing worksheets, and supplementary materials and taking part in publishing companies can also polish your skills required to become a TEFL teacher.

Developing successful writing skills
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You receive materials from the publisher, try them out with your kids, and then gather to discuss the results with the author and other educators. The next time the local sales representative visits your school, ask them if this interests you. They frequently need instructors to take on this role. If everything else fails, send a letter to the publishers' local office expressing your interest in working as a reviewer and including your location and areas of specialization.

Publishers can see from your input that you are knowledgeable about the topic and have the ability to articulate your thoughts. Before being asked to create a course book yourself, you could then, if you're lucky, be asked to write ‘add-on’ materials to coursebooks, end-of-unit tests, worksheets, workbooks, photocopiable materials, and updates to course books.

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How Can You Network And Connect Yourself With The ELT World?

Presenting at teaching conferences like TESOL and IATEFL is another approach to getting yourself out there. There will be sales reps from both the larger and smaller publishing companies at these conferences. It's a fantastic chance to learn some insider knowledge and see which books are popular and why educators find them appealing.

Obtaining the names of the editors who are in charge of procuring material is also an excellent chance if you're considering pursuing it further. Additionally, it's a great method to network with other writers and authors. LinkedIn is a great tool for expanding your network of connections with new individuals you meet.

Should You Already Hand In Your Notice?

In all likelihood, there is very little possibility that publishers will commission you. This is because they often pick what they're going to publish many years in advance and have long-term goals.

Course Development Processes
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The first thing you should do is make sure the appropriate person receives your unsolicited proposal; most major publishing firms name their staff members on their websites. The commissioning editors don't have the luxury of taking their time reading through every page of your proposal since they are busy people who frequently have deadlines to meet.

It must be succinct and direct, and it must include the following information:

  • Target Groups Of Your Students

Be specific about which group of students you want to target. This is because if your target group is too small, publishers might be reluctant to invest in you.

  • Your Reasons And Rationales

Give proper reasons and logic as to why teachers or students will use your book. State the X factor of your book and give a proper explanation about what makes it better or different than any other book in the market.

  • Offer A Condensed CV

Allow your publishers to get to know you. However, do not provide a detailed CV as the publishers are not interested in knowing about your school play. Instead, they want to know why they should publish a book written by you. Hence, highlight your knowledge and skills with precision.

  • Offer Other Details

Provide other details like a table of contents, how many units will be there and how long will each unit take. You can also offer a sample chapter that can act as a deal breaker, hence making sure it's smooth and efficient.

Just In Case You Are Thinking About Self-Publishing...

In the world of publishing, self-publishing is a possibility. However, the biggest hurdle that you might encounter is that you will have to work hard to market and promote yourself and your work. Moreover, books produced by publishing houses are slick as they pay professional graphic designers handsomely so that the 'flick tests' work.

Teachers often get seduced by the design and layout just by flicking the pages without even looking too closely at the content. However, on the plus side, you will have complete editorial control over your work and you will have no editors or a team of reviewers pulling your work apart.

Are You Ready To Write Your Coursebook?

Writing your course materials can be a thrilling experience. However, you need to be careful about certain things. Read the article to understand what can be the complications and what are all the things you need to do right. But for starters, you need to enroll yourself into an offline or live online TEFL/TESOL program. This will allow you to know more about the TEFL curriculum which will make your job of producing engaging materials a lot easier.

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Written By : Sanjana

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