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TEFLing In A Chain School Vs An Independent School

Posted on 21st December 2021

Going to another country is a wonderful opportunity. However, for ESL/EFL teachers, teaching English in another country is an educational experience in and of itself.But before that, have you considered what kind of school you’d like to teach? Teach English abroad at a chain school or an independent school? Let’s find out!

Types of Schools ToTeach English:

After getting your TEFL/TESOL certificate, you will get a choice to choose between larger, well-known chain institutes or smaller, private institutes.

Chain Schools

Generally, chain schools refer to international language institute that has multiple centers around a country, or even all over the world. These generally have a foremost office in addition to their branch schools. They also have a department focused on recruiting. For example,British Council.

Independent Schools

An independent school is one that usually has just one location. Sometimes, an independent school might have a few locations, but it’s not a big operation. Independent schools include private schools and local language centers. They usually aren’t big into recruiting, and they have a smaller staff than chain schools. At an independent school, you’ll likely know everyone — from fellow teachers to the school or language center director — by name.

Public Schools

Apart from the above-mentioned two, there’s a third option when it comes to where you can teach English: public K-12 schools. A public school is any school that’s run by the country’s local, state, or federal administration.

Usually, you typically have to have some additional local, state, or national certifications from wherever you’re teaching in order to be eligible. Though, you can sometimes discover placements in public schools through government programs as well.

Teach English Abroad

Teaching English at a Chain School

The question of which environment is the best fit for you.

  • In a Chain School, guidelines and rubrics will be evidently laid out for teachers.
  • You’ll possibly be offered some formal training on plans, procedures and online platforms in a Chain School.
  • You’ll easily be able to find honest reviews.
  • Opportunity to transfer to other schools in the chain.
  • Prospect to take on other positions within the company.

With teaching, several chain schools have prospects for you to take on side work as a trainer, recruiter, interviewer, social media admin, and more to earn some additional money.

Teaching English at an Independent Institute

Teaching at a smallerindependent English institute abroad ---

  • Teaching at an independent school gives you the chance to build close relationships with students as well as other staff members.
  • At an independent English institute, you might have fewer students to manage.
  • They are usually less stiff when it comes to your teaching style and general strategies.
  • Typically, more support is offered for them by the school’s admin.
  • Independent schools might deliver resources (like props, print-outs, flashcards, etc.).

Generally, independent schools leave lesson planning up to teachers, and some schools even let teachers design their own courses.

The Bottom Line

Well, whether you teach English at a chain school or an independent school or a large or small online tutoring company…all depends on your personality and what kind of experience you’re watching for. Both are great options for teaching English abroad! All you need is a TEFL/TESOL certification.

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Written By : Shivangi Chakraborty

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