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These 4 Virtual Platforms Other Than Zoom Are Quite Hassle-free!

Posted on 25th February 2022

Online teaching, e-learning, video conference, etc., have become the fresh and trending genres. TEFL teachers these days are more into online teaching English because they do not have to travel to other countries and that is actually saving a huge amount of money. In fact, online TEFL courses or online TEFL/TESOL courses are now gaining a lot of popularity owing to the covid situation. Zoom has been a phenomenal platform in conducting classes and it has been considered one of the best video conferencing apps.

Well, there are other programs just like Zoom and those are excellent e-learning alternatives that are performing marvelously these days. Teaching English to speakers of other languages using those alternative platforms is now pretty popular and English teachers are enjoying those video meetings.


Jitsi Meet: It looks quite similar to zoom and has similar features. One of the best advantages of using Jitsi Meet is that it is available in web browser mode and the load speed is super fast. It enables the host to record the meeting and to get some useful statistical information that shows who was more active during the meeting. Sharing and watching YouTube videos together is also possible on this platform.

Besides, the mobile application of Jitsi Meet is quite flexible and easy to use. The teacher can invite students by sharing the meeting link of the invitation code but The only restriction on class size is bandwidth and connectivity. Jitsi gives the opportunity to students to lower the quality of the image in case they do not have fast internet.

Google Meet: Call spade a spade, when it comes to Google products you definitely do not have to look back. Google meet is another astounding platform where connecting virtually is just like a walk in the park. Meetings can be recorded easily and it has an exceptional screen sharing feature which makes it a smooth platform where presentations can be conducted.

Teachers love using this platform because anyone with a Google account can connect 100 participants and conduct a meeting for 60 minutes. Businesses, schools, and other organizations that have the advanced features can have people up to 250 internal or external participants and live streaming to up to 100,000 viewers within a domain. It is integrated with Google and Microsoft apps.

Zoho Meeting: If you are having a teaching job and you are not yet aware of the Zoho meeting, without any further delay you should read this paragraph with the utmost attention. Audio, video and screen sharing features encourage building trust and connecting better by collaborating face to face through video and audio conferencing. It helps to add context to your speech by sharing your screen, application, or a connected monitor to successfully deliver presentations.

Another spectacular feature is the security check because it enables users to lock the meeting sessions using passwords so that important and confidential information does not get leaked. The mobile app is absolutely super cool and Zoho meeting sessions can be easily synced with Google calendars. Having poor internet is nore an excuse! You can join sessions by dialing in through your phone. Use 100+ local dial-in numbers and 55+ toll-free numbers to join from different countries.

Microsoft teams: Microsoft teams are totally free with office 365 and Microsoft 365. Shared workspace software makes this hassle-free to achieve, especially if a certain team belomging from a big size company, has many remote employees, or is made up of a significant amount of team members. It has two main approaches the Organic approach and the Controlled approach.

In the case of Organic Approach, the organization can choose to immediately implement Microsoft Teams in a “completely free for all” fashion where everyone in the company is at their liberty to use the platform as per their requirement and the adoption and usage of the Microsoft Teams platform can grow organically.

The Controlled Approach is mainly for using the platform for certain aspects of the company. It monitors who is able to use it and who can do certain things within it, resulting in administrative control.

Therefore, apart from Zoom, these are the virtual platforms where online courses can be taught and teachers having TEFL/TESOL certificates can use them for teaching English abroad online.

Written By : Debolina Chakraborty

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