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Teaching English in Cambodia

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Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in Cambodia


  • Education: 
    A preferred BA/BS to teach and impart knowledge of English in Cambodia
  • TEFL Certification: 
    TEFL/ TESOL Certification is a must. The certification options include taking any of our online TESOL programs. A minimum of 120 Hours’ TESOL Certification is required. Advance or a Diploma is preferable.
  • Peak Hiring Months:  
    All Year-round
  • Types of Jobs: 
    Corporate training, Private language schools, teaching children
  • Citizenship Requirements: 
    Both Natives and fluent English speakers can apply for jobs
  • Typical Hiring Process: 
    Recruitment takes place through interviews mostly over Skype or telephonic interviews. Local walk-ins also take place
  • Average teaching hours per week: 
    Weekly 20-30 hours of classroom training and added preparation time
  • Types of Students/Audience: 
    Private Students, School students, business professionals
  • Cost of Living per month:  
    $500 – 1000 USD
  • Visas: 
    Visa obtained upon arrival
  • Potential to save: 
    Can save up to 200 USD- 500 USD
  • Average Monthly Pay: 
    1000 USD – 3000 USD
  • Start –up cost: 
    700 USD – 1500 USD
  • Accommodation Benefits:  
    Not provided usually
  • Fight Reimbursements:  
  • Vacation:  
    In some cases – mostly teachers are paid on an hourly basis
Teaching English in Cambodia

Cambodia may not be pretty much as extensive of a portion as its other Asian partners however that has not prevented it from being among the quickest developing job markets for teaching English abroad. This is additionally one of those nations where requirements, for example, being a local English speaker or having a four-year degree don't make a difference to get recruited, however having these qualities could demonstrate value for the expected representatives. A TEFL certification is obligatory for those enthusiastic about working in Cambodia.

The Cambodians are quite hopeful with a tough soul. Following numerous long periods of difficulty in the country, revisiting tranquility has brought about a more prominent inflow of vacationers over the previous decade. The southern shore of the nation is speckled with lovely islands worth investigating and the perfect climate makes for a dazzling setting ideal for outdoor expeditions. Cambodia is packed with sparkling crater lakes, noteworthy cascades, rice paddles, and prolific fields. A road trip to the old sanctuary city of Angkor Wat is something you can't miss. This spot stands apart as quite possibly the most dynamite landmarks on the planet. There are perpetual Buddhist exhibition halls and pagodas everywhere in the country that are worth visiting too.

A passion for learning among the youthful population and new financial development has transformed Cambodia into an expanding South East Asian market for capable English educators. For those keen on handling a teaching position in the nation, occupations can be tracked down all around the year to satisfy the significantly serious need. Positions in private language schools are the most well-known, providing food essentially to the grown-up populace. Interviews are normally held face to face while some might be done via telephone or through email well ahead of time. Accommodation costs and airfares should be borne by the candidates. Educators generally end up sharing rooms with their teaching partners.

Moderate pay rates are offered contrasted with Asian guidelines, yet an agreeable way of life is as yet conceivable on account of the minimal effort of living. 20 to 25 hours of work each week is the standard which leaves a lot of time for voyaging and exploring. A four-year college degree isn't needed for teaching English in Cambodia; however, it requires a TEFL certification. Phnom Penh is a significant occupation community for unfamiliar English instructors.