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Teaching English in Indonesia

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Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in Indonesia


  • Education: 
    BA/BS is important but Diploma holders in English are also eligible to apply
  • TEFL Certification: 
    A minimum of 120 Hours’ or a 220 Hours’ Diploma ESL teaching courses in Indonesia is perfect for the teaching jobs here
  • Peak Hiring Months:  
    Throughout the Year
  • Types of Jobs: 
    Private language schools, Public Schools, Corporate Training
  • Citizenship Requirements: 
    Both Natives and fluent English speakers can apply for jobs
  • Typical Hiring Process: 
    Interviews mostly taken over Skype and telephone.
  • Average teaching hours per week: 
    Weekly 20-30 hours of classroom training and added preparation time
  • Types of Students/Audience: 
    School children, Business professionals, private students
  • Cost of Living per month:  
    $550 - 850 USD
  • Visas: 
    Work Visa
  • Average Monthly Pay: 
    $1000- 2500 USD
  • Start –up cost: 
    $700 - 9,00 USD
  • Accommodation Benefits:  
    Accommodation is sometimes provided or stipend as well
  • Fight Reimbursements:  
    In rare cases
Teaching English in Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth most crowded country on the planet involving 17,508 islands lodging almost 250 million individuals. It is likewise one of the quickly developing foreign English teaching markets. Those interested in building a career out of teaching English in the nation will be welcomed by an enchanting blend of millennia of culture and history set amidst the wonderful sea shores and volcanoes. Home to an overwhelming Muslim populace, the warm neighborliness of local people is another captivating element of the country. An astonishing fact is that Indonesia is the world's biggest Muslim country.

All year positions for online teaching English in Indonesia are accessible to those searching for an English teaching opportunity in the country. While most schools hope to conduct advance meetings through email or over the telephone, preference for an in-person interview is given preference. Airfares and lodging costs are normally borne by the teachers; however, schools in general will provide some help with this matter. Teachers generally favor living in recently abandoned lofts of the previous teachers or hope to share lodging with other English teachers.

Compensations are adequately provided to lead a modest way of life for the teachers. A run of the mill week's worth of work is 20 to 25 hours that leaves a lot of time for exploring the dynamic quality and lovely magnificence of the country. Not having a four-year college degree can restrict the number of teaching openings as it is the preferred qualification here. An online tefl/tesol certification in Indonesia is likewise significant. The significant urban areas of Surabaya, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta are the places where opportunities can be found. The island of Bali additionally has a few chances - the huge popularity of the spot offers a serious job market to the aspirers.