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Teaching English in Malaysia

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Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in Malaysia


  • Education: 
    BA/BS important but Diploma holders also eligible
  • TEFL Certification: 
    A minimum of 300-hour TEFL certification in Malaysia is required to apply
  • Peak Hiring Months:  
    Throughout the Year
  • Types of Jobs: 
    Private language schools, public schools and tutoring.
  • Typical Hiring Process: 
    Walk-ins are conducted in 3 to 6 months prior or else most interviews are conducted over Skype or telephone.
  • Average teaching hours per week: 
    Weekly 20-30 hours of classroom as well as extra prep time
  • Types of Students/Audience: 
    Private students, school children and Business professionals
  • Cost of Living per month:  
    $900 – 1500 USD
  • Visas: 
    Visa generally issued by the employer
  • Average Monthly Pay: 
    $1500 – 3500 USD
  • Start –up cost: 
    $1500 - 2500 USD
  • Accommodation Benefits:  
    You can avail Stipend. Accommodation provided by few schools.
  • Fight Reimbursements:  
Teaching English in Malaysia

Spread opposite the Malay Peninsula to the amazing Borneo islands, Malaysia traverses the South China Sea and is an impression of the numerous essences of Asia. A walk around the old roads of Malacca, Penang, or Kuala Lumpur gives a firsthand impression of interaction among the Dutch, Chinese, Arabian, Malay, and Indian sailors that has in a way molded the diverse Malaysia that is seen today. The nation is home to an alluring mix of cooking styles, religions, and societies. A few of the city blocks have mosques, holy places, pagodas, and sanctuaries close by an assortment of cafés serving elite Malaysian, Indian, or Chinese dishes.

A booming economy and huge populace don’t exactly mean a huge occupation market for first-time unfamiliar English teachers. Malaysia is not at all like Thailand, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian nations. Openings, nevertheless, exist particularly for the ones having a BA degree, some previous teaching experience, and who have pursued a TEFL/TESOL course in Malaysia. An advance interview is a standard for a large portion of the new employee screenings, being directed through Skype or over the telephone. Lodging costs and airfares typically must be borne by the teachers, a large portion of whom usually move into apartments recently vacated by their colleagues or decide to share lodging with their associates.

A comfortable lifestyle is ensured in light of a decent compensation on offer. Ordinary work weeks include 20 to 25 hours of work that leaves ample time for exploring the country. A four-year college degree is required for teaching in the country as many employers favor candidates having a graduate degree. ESL/EFL teaching courses in Malaysia is likewise compulsory as work visa grants are given for some situations on producing something a TEFL certificate or an equivalent. Significant urban communities, for example, Kuala Lumpur as a rule have a concentration of teaching jobs.